Singerkach Development Committee

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The Singerkach Medical Project

A meeting was organised by Singerkach Development Committee UK to promote the medical project they have undertaken to establish in the village known as Singerkach in Biswanath Sylhet.  The clinic project has been decided upon after consultations in Bangladesh and the UK with members of the community.

The need for this clinic comes as there is a dire need for such a facility in a village where there is no facility to deal with medical issues of the general public but more importantly the poor people.  If there is a problem then people have to travel almost 25 kilo metres to access decent medical facilities and even then they are not affordable for the poor people.

Singerkach Medical Project aims to build a clinic to provide a free healthcare and health promotion service to the poor people of that area.  It will be a primary care facility offering basic health check ups as well as minor treatment for people with everyday illnesses.  It will affiliate itself with other medical centres in Sylhet, Dhaka and elsewhere to ensure that people can be referred to decent and professional facilities.

The work on this project commence this year and requires support from people with skills in the medical field, skills in project management and of course financial support.